My name is abdelhafid My passion for animals began at a very young age. From dawn till dusk I was with some animal and you might wonder why. Well, I grew up on a farm and thanks to my father who was with me, I learned everything I could know about animals on a daily basis, but inside I wondered why animals had a connection with me and I with them.

This led me to want to investigate more about pets and the bond that is created between them and humans when you feed and care for them. My passion for that connection grew so much that I became I adore and love her . maybe, but I continued to learn about different types of pets, each one very special. You might even be surprised which one goes with which type of person.
We also provide you with practical, real-life advice to support you in caring for your pet in the best possible way

We look forward to making our website the most useful sites locally and globally, and to gain more confidence and interest.

thank you.