Ideas Spring 2021 white linen shirt for women

Hello! I’m going to talk really well about one of the spring and summer essentials especially spring for your wardrobe, which is a linen shirt in this video, and I’m going to show you five ways I design my own linen shirt now if this is something you care about, so follow us let’s start Now this is my first outfit What I call this neutral nude outfit, it’s a breeze easy as you can see that the shirt is too big and I’ve never bought anything too big and I think that’s the only thing for sure this is just a very large shirt that I own but I want it to be very versatile, The colors will flow well together and because it is a linen shirt,
I wanted the natural fibers of the wallet to match the natural fibers of the shirt and then the mask of the wallet earrings, it’s a very cohesive look, I think it’s called Greek sandals, and I think it’s the company name that I’ll put in the description box below, but I love this Just the look, it’s so easy, so cool and a little sexy because the shirt is kind of peeling the edge off the shorts and it’s just a very comfortable look but stylish all together I love this and I think this is going to be my clothes today, yeah, well, these are My next look, this pair of linen wide leg trousers are pretty not striped and of course my linen shirt, you know, linen on linen is always a win-win situation, and no matter what color your pants or if you have a linen skirt, the white linen shirt is He’ll look great with him so these are just high-waisted linen pants, they’re pretty, and I think I got them a couple of years ago so I don’t know where they came from, but here they are so cool and super stylish with a ladies’ costume.
Beautiful This is the next outfit I call this my Easter day, you know you see this cute oriental purple or lavender whatever you want to call it but this linen shirt looks great with a suit, this was actually a pair of pants and I cut them off I cut them, send them To the tailor they made from them because I didn’t like the length of the pants, but I liked the trouser jumpsuit, so here’s the look here, linen adds another dimension texture along with basket weaving, which is a perfect combination you can have on new shoes only. My legs look outstretched and don’t take off the suit and make sure if you are wearing a suit, roll your sleeves up and spill the tip of your shirt a little until it shows so it adds a little extra zing by the way, this shirt is that this suit was bought from Zara last year, so it’s old So I’m sure it’s gone, but I hope they have more this year now, this look is my spring afternoon look,
it’s actually a dress so what I did I took the linen shirt, I tied it in the front, and then I put the tail of the shirt under that attention. My microphone opinion so so it just fits it gives it an extra layer only the outfit you know looks very intentional with my transparent bag with white sole and white sandal inspired by sam Edelman airmess only for a full and all out look I added these earrings just love this look,
it looks very easy, breezy Very in the spring very, you know, you know, I love this is my last look. It’s comfortable and edgy, you know, I told you all that I’ll be wearing these shoes all summer, yeah, I have the silver hardware and this wallet is my colossal color And she has a device Silver also as I check these glasses, well, very dark like my shoes now, these jeans don’t come out and buy you any shorts like if you have some old jeans or if you can go to goodwill or go to a used store and get a pair of their pieces Just knew I wasn’t going to wear these pants anymore, I can produce the production,
I cut them yesterday for this video only, but really thank you because they have all the holes inside of you I just cut them a pair of scissors to cut them but it works with the shoes that work with the wallet, This is a very relaxed look, very relaxed, don’t forget your colorful pop, no shades, well [Laughter] That was just too much, well, that’s family friendly so well it’s a family, I really hope you enjoyed this video, and no Forget, I’ll leave a link in the description box to my favorite place to get linen shirts, and if you can’t find one in the women’s section you can always get one in the men’s section but the best place to get a linen shirt if you can find it is a store To sell used things such as nu What a favor or anything they have in your own city or whatever they have in your own city that you know now we’re trying to save as many coins as possible that we can’t spend unnecessarily, so if you can get a second hand, sing it to the janitors. Or wash it by hand yourself,

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