Best Grain for Women, Highest Protein & Fibre

we have said goodbye to Navratras shortly, many of you must have done fasting as well, when talking fasting, how can we forget the flour of Rajgira, the flour of Rajgira, which in English is also known as Amaranth and it looks something like this Dishes made from it, such as the different types of parathas made during the fast, chikkis etc ,undoubtedly tastes amazing but you will love this flour even more if you will get to know about its nutritional properties, and after that you can include this in your diet not just during fasting but on days apart from fasting as well In this case, the amount of protein is very high, and we all know that not only our muscles but also our nails, hair, skin are all made of proteins, so you can just imagine that how beneficial this rajgira flour can be for your body, half cup of Rajgira seeds contains approximately about 14 grams of protein, this much protein will not make you hungry for a long time and will prove to be very helpful in your weight management.
Nowadays, with increasing age, we get bone-related diseases in every house, we have heard many times that with increasing age, our body’s calcium requirements also increase, but there is absolutely no need to panic because, Rajgira flour is full of calcium, if you add one cup of it to your diet, then it fulfills 50% of the whole day’s calcium requirement of your body. In today’s time, we all are very concerned about our health so we want high fiber content in every food, because it is obvious that we are all aware of the benefits, the fiber binds with the excess cholesterol in our body which is then excreted from the body, due to which the level of cholesterol in our body is balanced, for your information, let me tell you that when these cholesterol levels increase in our body, then it gets deposited in the arteries and makes it narrower and the risk of heart-related diseases increases to a great extent.
Another advantage of having high fiber content is the Digestive system, yes it helps to pass the food that is in your Digestive tract very easily and it also reduces the problems which are very common these days such as constipation, bloating, and ulcers. Due to any kind of infection or injury in our body, inflammation occurs at that place, but if this swelling persists for a long time, then it indicates many other deadly diseases, due to which different types of health-related issues you might have to ace. It has been observed in many studies that anti-inflammatory properties are found in Rajgira i.e.Amaranth, which possesses anti-inflammatory properties. This is because it inhibits the production of immunoglobulins E because they are responsible for an allergic reaction that occurs in our body. Cereals such as barley,
and wheat contain a type of protein called gluten. Sometimes it happens that many people do not eat wheat or barley chapati, because their body does not digest the gluten protein present in them, due to which the immune response becomes active and the problem of inflammation occurs, this disease Is also known as Celiac Disease and generally we call it Gluten Intolerance, but there is nothing to worry about, gluten is not present in AMARANTH due to which those who are gluten intolerant can also add this in their diet comfortably and Feel free to take advantage of AMARANTH FLOUR for all its nutritional benefits. Do you know that the solution of your falling hair is also with this Amaranth flour, let’s know how Hair loss, grey hair, or baldness occurs only when our diet lacks lysine and zinc?
Amaranth contains an amino acid called lysine, which is not produced by our body, due to which you can get rid of problems related to hair. Now if you are thinking after listening to all the benefits, how can you include it in your diet, then do not panic at all, you can eat it by making different dishes like
⦁ 1.Banana & Amaranth chapati.
⦁ 2.You can eat only by making paratha of Amaranth.
⦁ 3.You can also eat bread or chapati made from a mix of jowar flour and Amaranth flour.
⦁ 4.You can eat chikki and if you want to eat it for breakfast.
⦁ 5.then you can also add it to your diet along with paneer-stuffing.
Now after listening to all these benefits, you would definitely like to include it in your diet. “Take full care of your body’s health, because this is the only place where you can live” apart from amaranth, Thank you!

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