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Hey ladies, I ran a distance of five minutes 11 minutes 2 miles and about 6 18 pace for 10 miles and I’m a former professional trio for Team USA but I’m here to remind you that this is all you need to remember is everyone has one day I spent in The first day also and these are the top 10 beginners tips that will save you a lot of time We have Ava here to join us today, she is my third child and I am pregnant in fourth place so this is what happens to the belly here and you also have a video clip dedicated to running pregnancy, we will start directly from the bat on how Running exactly by going through the basics of figure first an upper body shape and then a lower body shape, there is actually more to the upper body than there is to the lower body, so starting with our looks, we’ll be looking forward about 10 feet.

Since you are running about three meters, what I never want to see is your look at the ground especially not down at your feet. This will lead to an arc b. Remember the ack position to bear with me Get this pregnant belly here, think about collecting your shoulder blades a little especially i If you are someone who works at a computer then this will be the right position for you and when you run this it will be really unhealthy for your spine and pressure so instead your shoulders go back and down so that your shoulders are nice and low when you get tired especially at the end of the run,
it is The common thing is that you want to stretch and pull your shoulders and you will be smarter than that and keep your shoulders below the arms will be 90 degrees all the time, so when they come forward and when they come back, they stay at 90 degrees when you are tired. You might want to hang around here, I call this monkey that runs, this does nothing good because you keep those arms at 90 degrees of fist, you don’t actually make a fist, this is going to waste energy and so is the hand of Jack’s knife,

this wastes energy also instead I need you Imagine you have a Ritz biscuit in each of your fingers and that you are pinching your index finger and the thumb of the Ritz cracker and gently holding it in your hand, this is the perfect amount of fists that you should take while running Do a simple self-check, I see this in female runners more than the male, But I see a lot of crosshair creating an x ​​across your chest, what this does is push your energy sideways instead of forward as we want, so arms have to be in your face side all the time just like this.

the single most important factor associated with your upper body is Hip joint, so instead of running with your body straight like good posture here as if we were walking, see what this does if you get your body straight landing on our heels is not good at all for your heels, we’re causing a stress point here and your knees, so instead of So, there should be a slight angle At the hips, the back is nice and straight and not arched and this is going to allow the heel to be lifted perfectly from the back foot, the gentle long hip extension that will provide a better swing of the leg forward,
the knee will come out, then this leads to a second place in our lower body work, so we come to The knee is approaching high and then we land in the middle of the foot and the heel at the same time the key to the middle of the foot and the heel at the same time not hitting the heel not just being like, I need to land in the middle of the foot and thinking that it does not lean on the toes, you are not a 100 distance runner Meter, we land in the middle of the foot because we are at this light hinged back heel, and it is leading the knee forward and down while running.

it will click, and you will be like wow, you just needed a little bit of leaning forward don’t lean too much forward, it will not help you , It’s really very simple and if you need help figuring out if you do, ask a friend to take a video to make sure your model is okay, I want you to forget if anyone ever told you to skip it or have a place Large steps g t Literally the worst advice someone can give you while overtaking is actually making you land on your heel causing a fracture mechanism. Not only that, it will also put excessive pressure on the heel and the knee lending you to get it. Injury, so I want you instead to think of short, fast steps and short quick steps, and while you’re doing it, you’ll get a faster pace that elite athletes have a faster tempo and proven more efficient and help prepare you so you’re not injured all the time, so whether you’re running hard Good and slow, the rhythm itself might be around 170 180 per minute, how many times your foot hits the ground, you can only count on your right leg. If he adds up to 90 for one minute counting on your right leg does you add up to 90 great proverbs that 180 is a really healthy rhythm but you would hit 180.

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