Almonds are the best nuts for a woman’s health

On the day, you will see what almonds do for women, we recently posted a video that talks about the general benefits of almond flour and some specific benefits for men Have you seen it so far Almonds are an oilseed full of fiber, proteins and healthy fats and are also a source of copper arginine phytosterol and polyphenols, they are rich in many Vitamins and minerals that improve male health and promote adequate sexual function.

Do you know?

Now let’s see what benefits that almonds provide to women to improve the gut microbiota thanks to its fiber Almond is useful The gut microbiota that translates into the growth and reproduction of good bacteria in the intestine protects the heart according to many studies Almonds and other dried fruits help prevent heart disease and heart attacks, as well as reduce harmful cholesterol levels and provide healthy, monounsaturated fats, along with the antioxidants in vitamin E present in almonds are also good for heart health and aid in weight loss, according to 2014. A study from Purdue University in the United States of America, oil seeds stimulate the feeling of satiety, which helps in weight loss.

Thanks to the beneficial monounsaturated fat and fiber in almonds to enjoy the video, then like and share with your friends. The channel helps to improve the health and beauty of the skin, as almonds are great for making our skin healthier thanks to its high content of manganese, which contributes to the production of collagen and contributes to healthy bones, and almonds contain minerals necessary for strong healthy bones and the prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis, including: That protein, calcium, and healthy hair almond with potassium is rich in vitamin E and B complex that gives hair shine and strength, as its high level of minerals such as magnesium and zinc stimulates hair growth Now that you know about all the benefits that almonds provide for women, you are sure to add it to your hair.

To ensure you get these benefits, try eating a similar study portion around 40 grams, 1.4 ounces approximately 35 units spread throughout your day. You can also eat almonds in almond milk smoothie salads or add them to your yogurt. Find out what your favorite is and let your body get it. All these benefits now tell us do you like to eat almonds.

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